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Hello lovelies!! This is the final privacy ‘tactic’ in my naturist privacy series. I think I have beaten this topic death so far, but given the digital landscape we navigate each day, I felt it necessary to help protect you in your digital life. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback so far regarding the series, and I’m happy that what I’m giving you is useful. I will have one more posting on this series which will give you a scenario or two on how you can use it in your everyday and/or nudist life. People say it’s impossible to be invisible in today’s ubiquitous surveillance, but I think it can be done if you work at it.

In today’s post I will show you how to make purchases online without revealing who you really are. Cash is always the best choice for in person purchases, but this doesn’t work for online purchases. For most people you may not care who sees what you buy, how often you buy it, or how much you buy. You go to the supermarket and swipe your card without thought, go to the grocery store or corner market, or even buy that weird widget thing you can’t live without from somebody in the middle of nowhere China. You get what you want and you’re happy! I’m grateful for that. I know I’m glad when I get whatever I want…who doesn’t? However, what if you need to buy something online, but you’re too embarrassed to get it? What if you don’t want your real name and address associated with that swanky nurses outfit? Maybe you’re a man who like to wear women’s panties, but you’re too embarrassed to make a trip to Victoria Secret’s? Maybe you and your spouse are learning how to be kinky and want wild sex toys? Whatever your story is, I have a way to help you buy those things without revealing who you are to merchants, or your mail/delivery person. Shall we?

How many of you are familiar with PayPal? Everyone, right? I mean they are probably the most ubiquitous online payment system out there. You get great protections against fraud, abuse, and online scams. They have saved my skin a few times. Unfortunately, with PayPal your real name, address, and contact information is sent to whoever your buying that thing from. Don’t get me wrong, PayPal is great. I use it often too, but I’ve learned of a fairly new service that allows you to make online purchases privately. I didn’t say anonymously, so don’t think about that dark web subscription because you fear you’ll be caught. The service I’m reviewing below is essentially a financial institution, but they value customer privacy above all else. Due to US banking regulations to prevent fraud, we have what’s known as ‘know your customer’, so when you sign up for these services it’s like opening a checking account at a bank. They MUST know who you are or you can’t do business or play in the sandbox. Be prepared to give out some personal information.

Pay With Privacy

Privacy is a fairly new company who generates virtual credit cards for purchases with online merchants. You can use them to buy items at any major retailer, online subscription service, utility bills, or getting that order from DoorDash, InstaCart, or similar delivery service. Basically, you create an account with Privacy, link your bank account via a Visa/Master card debit card, and once everything checks out you are ready to start making virtual cards.

Okay, you’re asking why do I need a virtual card when I have plenty of cards already. What purpose would it serve me? Well, the difference with your personal cards in your wallet or purse are, well, yours personally, tied to you for the prevention of fraud.

When you buy something online the merchant MUST know who you are so they can validate the card data with the issuer to makes sure no one has stolen your card number or identity. It’s good because it keeps criminals from abusing the system. I mean, I want to be protected. Unfortunately, your data is often shared with many different data brokers and advertisers. They use large amounts of ‘anonymized’ data and aggregate it together to see what you buy. That way they can target you with different things. Now that kinky sex toy you just bought online will eventually be tied back to you in some way, and advertisers will know it was you, or, worse, that small online sex toy shop gets hacked and not your data is included with that leak. See where I’m going with this?

Privacy gives you an added layer of protection by allowing you to setup an unlimited amount of virtual cards online that are linked to your account. It’s setup so you use one card at each merchant. Here is a snippet of a few cards I own.

For example, I support an up and coming photographer on Patreon because I find her ability to self-photograph in many settings to be very artistic and passionate. I created a card just for Patreon, set the monthly limit to my subscription rate, and, the best part, I could create an account and pay for it using an alias name and billing address. I could literally put my name and address as, I don’t know, Ivanka Trump and use the White House as the billing address, and the payment will go through. Pretty cool, huh? The card I created can ONLY be used at Patreon, so if they suffer a massive data breach/leak and my ‘credit card’ number is stolen, then I am safe because the card cannot be used anywhere else, a fake address was used, and the email used is not one that identifies me. Just for disclosure, I did use my real name, but not my home address for the subscription, and I used one of my Protonmail email addresses for this. I wanted to try and see if it would actually work. It did. 🙂

So what does it cost? The basic plan goes for a whopping $0! Yes, it’s free to use because Privacy gets a cut of the typical Visa/Master Card transaction fees. Here is what you get with the free version (this is what I use):

  • Create up to 12 cards per month
  • Secure merchant-locked & single use cards
  • Set spend limits, pause and close cards
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Browser extension for convenience

They have other plans too that start at $10 per month and you get 1% cashback, can hide the merchant used, and create up to 36 cards each month. Not worth the expense to me. I have like 12 cards total because I use the same stuff over and over. Creature of habit I guess.

If you do choose to sign up and use Privacy, please use the links I’ve provided on this page. If you do, they will give both of us $5 to spend at merchant.

Who Are You?

By now, if you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking to yourself…This is some sketchy sorcery…Who are you? You made this elaborate series detailing or recommending how you can remain private online, so now I’m beginning to wonder. You’ve basically told me how to be someone I’m not, and it all seems to be…deceitful. Rest assured I’m still me, Alexis, and I didn’t really start understanding or learning about these privacy methods until after I started my blog and made an online presence. I think if I had known about it when I started Twitter and my blog, then I may have proceeded under an alias to help protect my privacy a little more.

I approached this from the mindset of someone who desires to take part in the nudist community, but fear the reprisal that may follow from family, friends, religious zealots, or maybe you’re in a country (like middle east) who are inhumane in their punishment with nudity, especially towards women. I was once the victim of ridicule and shame for my desire to live a naturist life, and numerous naked pictures were found of me while snooping through my devices. I’m not out there, or online, engaging in inappropriate behavior, but judgement happens from those who think it’s abnormal or don’t understand. If someone asks me then I will tell them, otherwise I’m not going to scream it from the highest tower in Atlanta.

Additionally, what if you or someone you know is in an abusive or controlling relationship, but they don’t know how to talk securely or privately to get help? I would want that person to know it can be done, and you can hide from the internet, especially the mean person you’re with. It’s difficult but doable.

One final thought. It is not illegal for you to have an alias name to hide who you are to remain private. Celebrities and people under protection have aliases they use all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t have like 5 or 6 different names…I don’t even think I’ve used an alias name on anything purchased, but I have used it when calling for information just to see what it’s like. Also, you should NEVER give any alias to a medical, financial, or government official. That IS against the law and grounds for fraud charges.

Be a private nudist. Be a social nudist. Either way, be a nudist.


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