Shining in the Light

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This photo shoot was amazing in all that I can say. I felt so liberated and free and so full of playfulness. I had a great time. I did feel at one point enough was enough I had feelings of being over conceited. I was thinking I don’t want people to think that’s all I do is take pictures of myself. It was strange I know. It’s strange when your mind goes running off on a tangent. I actually got really upset inside and felt like hiding and shaming myself for having so much fun in front of the camera. The words came out no one is going to care and people are just going to think you are conceited and then the reigns got pulled back and I said okay no more for me that’s enough. After looking at all them I’m sad I did that because I realized how much I ruined my own fun in front of the camera. It’s okay to have fun. It’s the first time I realized that I didn’t allow myself the freedom to be free. It made me think how often do I do this to myself? We spend our lifetime working towards happiness and enjoying life and having fun and all for it to be torn down by our mind. All I could here in the back of my mind why are you doing this, people aren’t going to want to see pictures of you. I need to stop this nonsense and move forward. It’s not about what anyone else thinks it’s about me having fun and enjoying myself. I want to feel the pleasures of life, I want to be happy, I want to feel the joy when I’m surrounded by the beauty of nature. All it takes is that one little comment that throws you for a loop and then the mind starts to circle and feeds on your story of your not good enough. I am good enough, I am beautiful, I really am! I know this now and it’s okay. I don’t need to be concerned what others think because honestly that’s their business not mine at all. I am going to remember this moment, I will surrender to believing in myself and seeing my beauty.

Much Love Always!

Nicole xo

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