A Nudist is Running for President – #Pat2020President interview


Allow me to introduce myself, Mary Patricia Hefferan. I go by “Pat!”

Born naked, I’ve been a nudist, a naturist, and a total nudie since age 12, and admittedly a bit of an exhibitionist. For more than two years now I’ve been living a totally clothesfree life. I and a few of my local friends are starting my grassroots campaign for President of the United States. I’m the naked candidate for POTUS.

My campaign website should be up in the next couple of weeks, that’ll give me an organized place for all my campaign information including campaign platform and upcoming open events. We’ve had three invitation only Meet & Greet events so far. Our largest one was in Taos Labor Day Monday, people just kept straying in without invitations .. and staying! I truly enjoyed meeting all those people and discussing my campaign and the naked life! People do listen about nudity with an open mind, one on one.

For more information, check out my new Twitter page and follow me at @SantaFeNudie. “Let’s put my naked ass in the White House!” “Clothesfree freedom for all!” #Pat2020President

What gave you the idea for the NakedParty and run for President?

Actually it was one of my Twitter followers that suggested my running for an office, naked, to promote clothesfree freedom, then there was another follower. Running for President was a joke, then it was a running joke until after some thought and support from Twitter followers and local friends. Then it became no longer a joke! A naked woman as President, why not? It’s a huge goal, a tremendous challenge, maybe just a dream! But, I have a small volunteer network and an official campaign website in the works.

After all, in this current age of politics, where lies are the norm, and the truth hard to find; what’s more honest than nudity, being naked? That’s where the #nakedTruth Party originated. That, and enjoying a couple Margaritas with a few of my friends. It was Ladies Night at our favorite bar; I was the naked one.

Should we write in your vote?

#Pat2020PresidentThat’s the hardest of your questions to answer, a person’s vote is so valuable!

My first thought was, maybe an existing independent party would pick up on my naked campaign and start a dialog; a party that knows the rules, how to get on the ballots and campaign finance laws; working with me, a candidate that would certainly attract attention.

On the other hand, this might remain a grassroots naturist campaign, without the luxury of being on the ballots in all or any of the States. If so, I don’t blame people for, and I encourage people to prioritize their vote to assure removal of the current administration. On the other hand, if there are enough write in votes across the Nation, it might catch media attention .. who is this? With that, I and we can continue the fight for clothesfree freedom for all.

So yeah, I’d love for voters to write in Mary Patricia Hefferan, but it’s their one vote.

Have you really been clothes free for 790 plus days?

#Pat2020PresidentI have! Long story kinda short, I started a new job as a residential designer for a contractor in early July 2017, one where I negotiated working nude. It was a different kind of interview, the owner approached me. I voiced the request to work nude sorta joking, but my potential employer considered it seriously and was open to it! We discussed not being nude just when I felt like it, or partly undressed; clothes on, then clothes off like a strip show, then on again. He insisted it had to be either clothed at all times, or nude at all times. That’s all he said, it was totally my decision. I understood, and I had until my orientation meeting the next Monday to decide.

Since I asked for it, and I felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went all in. That Monday I put on some nice jewelry, drove myself to the new office naked, and walked in the front entrance naked. He was prepared; I had a dress code variance in my employment contract. Simply put, at my request, I’m nude, no clothes, no footwear, no outwear of any kind on company time; just jewelry and hard hat when required. And, my nudity shall not hinder my work, regardless of task or location. I came in naked, no backing out on my decision .. sign here!

Living naked at home, our private and remote little ranch, already loving driving naked, and now working naked; I just started counting how many days I could go without clothing, enjoying the many little challenges I’ve faced. Three days was easy, but then the Jeep I had back then needed gas; I pulled up to a pump at my favorite station and filled my tank, naked. Now, I don’t give buying gas naked a second thought!

The next day, my job initiaton from the guys ramped up while visiting three active job sites. While at the second site, a couple of the guys surprised me by putting down the top on my Jeep, took the doors off, locked them up in a job site storage container. Pranksters! But I had to get the job done, so on to the next site. The next day I was to head to town and visit a couple of our vendors. I called ahead, and they were accommodating. It was at the end of almost three weeks naked at work that the doors were returned to my Jeep. “Smile and show no fear!” The pranksters were defeated, and actually I enjoyed driving naked with the doors off.

At thirty days I donated some of my clothing to a local charity, naked, and kept on counting the days. About two months later, after Hurricane Harvey there was a local donation drive for Houston; with my wife’s fervent support and help, I donated all my jeans, skirts, tops, shirts, boots, shoes to the cause, naked. Everything not worthy of donation went in the trash. Dresser drawers and closet were totally emptied of my clothing. At not even 90 days, I was totally committed! I’m now approaching 800 straight days totally naked, and still do not own one piece of clothing.

I keep counting the days, knowing in my heart I don’t intend to ever again wear clothes.

What was the problem with twitter? Nudity or politics?

#Pat2020President Old Twitter page campaign
#Pat2020President Old Twitter page campaign

Oh, nudity! Looks like even with Twitter, where nude images are tolerated in posts, there’s still some enforcement. It has to do with profile and cover pics, even though sensitive sites don’t show up on searches? Recently I found myself locked out of my @SantaFeNaturist account, the Twitter login just forced me to remove my profile and cover pics, and I was back in. I put together a new campaign profile pic, still obviously naturist, but with nothing showing.

For that pic my account was suspended, so I started a new @SantaFeNudie account. I’m still waiting for a response on my appeal with hopes of getting my old account back. But it speaks to the media attitude towards simple nudity, and that’s part of what my campaign is all about! Clothesfree freedom for all! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing nude, it’s just a personal decision for comfort and self expression.

How are you able to be nude 24/7?

#Pat2020PresidentPart of it is luck. I was transferred from SoCal to Santa Fe in 2011, never having even visited the city before. Cities, Counties and States vary on anti-nudity laws. Santa Fe, like some cities, doesn’t have laws specifically against nudity. It’s kinda covered under lewd behavior or disturbing the peace. Both are open to interpretation, both generally require a citizen complaint of something beyond just nudity, and in general nobody complains when it’s a woman that is naked.
I was already a home nudist, drove naked when I felt like it, and after being brave enough to ask for it, now have employment where I’m contractually naked. I was obligated to be naked at active job sites, vendors want business so it was just a phone call and they welcomed my visiting naked. But I’ve had to get used to braving parking lots, streetside parking and sidewalks. It’s the other places!
I’m not the primary shopper in the household. The places I visit are mostly small locally owned shops. I called and seeked permission to shop naked ahead of time, and I’ve faced very little rejection. That takes care of the natural foods store, wine shop, liquor store, gun shop, etc.. I have a favorite bar where I’m welcome, a couple restaurants that quietly let me in the back door, I’ve never been turned down for an outdoor patio table. My doctor and dentist work with me. I would call my life semi-underground, limited to just going where I’m welcome. 
But, I routinely meet new people as a part of work or in my brief shopping ventures. “Oh wow, I think I’ve heard about you.” is a phrase I hear now and again. Or “Pat, glad to see you back!” loudly from the guys behind the counter at the liquor store, getting everyone’s attention on me. I really do love that! I have gotten into some fun conversations. It is a bit limiting, avoiding the big stores, not being able to go see a movie on occasion, but the list of welcoming locations slowly continues to grow! I’m totally enjoying the #nakedlife!

Be sure to follow Pat on Twitter for updates @SantaFeNudie

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A Nudist is Running for President – #Pat2020President interview

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