Naturist Thought #81 – Work

Most of us
need to work for earning a living. When you are a naturist, one of the dreams
coming true is the ability to work entirely naked. Imagine waking up in the
morning and carrying your business without to have to think about wearing
anything! If you work in a naturist resort this could be possible, you think.
However, depending on what job you have, if you can work remotely, you
potentially can work naked.

I personally
found to be more productive and getting more done when I can spend the day
without thinking about getting dressed. I cannot say whether nakedness brings an
additional level of levity or if it’s just the comfort that comes with bot wearing
any clothing, but my naked days at work are better than the clothed ones.

A naked
productive day starts with some exercises, meditation, some journaling, followed
by a good breakfast. Then comes shower and body grooming time, then off to
work. Commuting to my naked office takes ten seconds and off, I am for a busy
day, stretching to the early evening. Nothing really beats a naked work day.

Get Naked,
Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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Naturist Thought #81 – Work

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