Naturist Thought #68 – Wine

What can be
more pleasant in summer than to share a nice glass of chilled wine, in the
shade, naked with a bunch of friends? You may ask, why naked? You can have a
glass of wine while clothed! True, but the freedom of nudity adds to the
pleasure of the wine and the friendly atmosphere.

summer days, when you can live naked all day long, are fantastic moments to
share with friends and to have them discover the social dimension of naturism. Invite
your friends, tell them it’s going to be a naked wine party and have fun,
tasting and sharing great wines.

Like many
other activities, being naked adds levity and coolness. For first timers, being
naked can feel awkward, and you may accept non-nudist stay clothed for the
first glass. Have them agreed though that they need to get naked by the second
glass. It’s a fun challenge that a small dose of alcohol will help achieve. As
usual, drink responsibly and enjoy this naked moment of camaraderie.

Get Naked,
Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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Naturist Thought #68 – Wine

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