Naturist Thought #67 – Textile

The world
is textile. Naturism remains a minority lifestyle. Get naked on a normal beach
and you will probably be the only one among many hundred people. Count the
number of naked hikers compared to clothed ones and you will see how small our naked
community is.

Around us,
the whole word is textile and by being a naturist surrounded by other
like-minded people, we tend to forget that we are largely outnumbered by
textiles. I walked to a remote beach a while back. On arrival, being alone, I was
naked. Then, the first other beachgoers came along and I decided to stay naked.
Although, the beach is not nudist, nudism is tolerated.

Although I
remain naked, the other people wore bath suits. Some women were topless, but I remained
the only nudist on the beach. As the day advanced, more people arrived, and
none got naked. As I needed to come home early, I left the beach still as other
people were arriving. When I left, the mixed beach became a textile one. Nudists
are still a minority, but we need to stand proud and remain naked whenever we

Get Naked,
Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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Naturist Thought #67 – Textile

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