Naturist Thought #49 – Light

In summer,
I let the light wake me up. By leaving a gap with the shutters, I allow the
first light of the sun to light up the bedroom. In summer, it happens very
early in the morning and this gives a wonderful opportunity to greet the sun
with yoga sun salutations. The red and yellow rays fill my body of energy for
the day.

Light is an
essential component of our lives. This early morning light not only fills me
with energy, it fills me with joy and love. I go and stroll around the house,
wearing just a pair of flip-flops, enjoying this peaceful moment that has happened
every day for millions of years. There is something magic in this early light.

Then, later
in the day, the light becomes more intense, the photons illuminate the day, winter
or summer, autumn or spring, they create a unique experience. Enjoying light
entirely naked is the best possible way to embrace this energy that each light
cell carries. Is light magic? Not at all, it’s just made of grains of pure
energy that feeds our body, our soul and our mind. Enlighten your day, embrace

Get Naked,
Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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Naturist Thought #49 – Light

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