Transforming Your Home Into a Naturist Wellness Haven


Are you a
naturist? Great! Are you not? Become one! In both cases, whether you’re a
social, a closet or a holiday nudist, you should transform your home into a
naturist wellness haven. Does this sound appealing? Read further!

Why transform your home into a naturist wellness haven, should you ask? First, to spend more time enjoying the comfort and benefits of nudity; second, to improve dramatically the quality of your life by embracing simple and free wellness principles; third, to demonstrate to your visitors the benefits of nudism and potentially rally them to this wonderful lifestyle. If you use the principles that I’m describing below, you’ll get all the above benefits, and many more.

The Wellness Revolution

As per, “Wellness is the result of personal initiative, seeking a more optimal, holistic and balanced state of health and well-being across multiple dimensions.” It seems like a vast program. However, small adjustments will yield incredible results, across the five dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, social, spiritual and lifestyle.

Australian Sun&Health Magazine. Naturist wellness

Physical. The World Health Organization states that 6%
of deaths globally are due to physical inactivity. Many scientific studies show
that a 30-minute daily physical activity, like brisk walking, reduce risk of
heart disease, prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of obesity, fight depression
and reduce anxiety, just to name a few benefits.

Mental. As per Psychology Today, mental wellness needs to be taken
care of regularly, through mindfulness, positive thinking, self-compassion and
loving others. The article provides good pointers into activities that lead to a
healthy attitude. We all know that by changing the way we think, we change the
way we are.

Spiritual. Ali Geary, from the Illinois State University,
provides seven ways to improve spiritual
, which
allows you to “live a life of meaning and purpose.” Spirituality isn’t
restricted to religions or God. It’s about finding a deeper meaning to life,
embracing every day with a positive and benevolent attitude.

Social. Researchers at Brigham Young University and
the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discovered that having social relationship is
as important as not smoking when it comes to longevity. The more friends you
have, the longer you live we could almost say. Being social, going out, sharing
time with others is critical to our well-being.

Lifestyle. Lifestyle Wellness has become a multi-billion
industry, with wellness centers, seminars, websites, etc. The basis of it is to
eat healthy and to live healthy. The site provides 10 simple principles for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a set
of small changes to tweak our life with that comes with numerous benefits.

Let’s now see
how to link wellness and naturism together.

Applying Wellness
Principles to a Naturist Home

Here are five actions steps, one in each dimension, to transform your home and life and embrace the nudist lifestyle as a core guiding principle.

Volley Ball at the Naked Campsite. Physical health is step one to wellness

1. Physical. Practice daily physical
activity for 30 minutes. Whether it is walking, working out, swimming, make the
commitment and plan it into your daily routine. Pick an activity that you can
practice entirely naked. In warm seasons, go outside, in colder weather stay
inside. The important point is to move your body for 30 minutes and potentially
break a sweat. If you can’t be entirely naked for modesty and legal reasons
only, pick a loose short and shirt. Seek opportunities to practise your
activity naked.

2. Mental. Read daily for 15 to 30 minutes
books and blogs about naturism. Write your blog, contribute to naturist social
networks. Stay mentally active and increase your knowledge about the naturist
community, naturism, and its numerous benefits. Naturism may sound a simple
topic that you can discover in five minutes, either you are naked or not. However,
there are multiple facets and the more you read about it, the more you’ll
discover. It goes much beyond just being naked.

3. Spiritual. Do a daily naked meditation.
Find a comfortable spot in your home or garden, use a meditation app or not,
and entirely naked (take your jewels and glasses off too), practice 10 to 30-minute
daily meditation. Nudity adds a level of liberation and relaxation to the
meditation practice.

4. Social. Make public that your home is a naturist haven by hanging a “Nudist home” sign on your front door or just at the entrance of your home. People should know that you’re a nudist, that you will be naked most of the time when you’re home and that they’re welcome to get naked as well. I know this can be difficult, sometimes even impossible due to legal reasons. But, if you manage to do it, you’ll expand your comfort zone and will feel so much better. Then, when inviting people for dinner or a drink at your place, mention this will be a naked party, so they can wear whatever they want or stay entirely naked.

5. Lifestyle. Keep your home environment-friendly,
using as much as possible natural products, organic food and doing your best to
decrease your carbon footprint. By choosing to stay naked as much as possible,
you’re already committing to decrease the usage of clothing, one of the most
polluting industries, and detergent. The important point is to experience and
feel in your body and mind the improvements.

So, Now, Your Turn!

Embracing the naturist lifestyle at home and in your daily life adds a new dimension to naturist practice. Here’s what you should do now to transform your home into a naturist haven and transform your life for good.

Home is where naked is advised. Wellness starts at home.

If you believe naturism is your preferred lifestyle, don’t wait and do the following:

1. Join the
nearest naturist club or if there is none, create one, and invite your friends
and inform your social networks to join you.

2. Find or
make a “nudist home” signage (Etsy has some nice ones) and hang it in or outside your
home. Consider this as one of your boldest naturist moves as this tells
everybody who comes to your home that you’re a nudist.

3. Plan the
above activities: 30-minute physical activity, daily mental activity, naked
meditation and naked parties.

From there
on, enjoy your new lifestyle! Naturism is probably one of the healthiest, both
physically and mentally, and environment-friendly lifestyles. It’s growing
rapidly and new members are joining every day. It’s never too late to start.
Welcome to this wonderful community!

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