Every day is Earth Day for us here at BioGlitz, but this one is special as we are SO excited to share with you our first ever film in which we imagine a vibrant, inclusive reality where those feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the daunting issue of climate change come together, uplift each other, and spark a revolution to shine powerfully and unapologetically!
Made with the help of over 20 incredibly talented cast & crew members in upstate New York, this film is a celebration of humanity and what can be accomplished when we shine together, for the better!
Watch the full film through the link in our bio, or by looking up our BioGlitz YouTube channel. Xx SHINE ON ! xX 🌏💚💫
Creators: @thewebhasnoweaver + @ernestsavesyou Directors: @ernestsavesyou + @misterwil
Executive Producer: @thewebhasnoweaver
Producers: @ernestsavesyou + @misterwil + @stivanwidick Director of Photography: @stivanwidick
Choreography: @okkathleen + @tjtarajo Original Score: @eartheater
Editor: @ernestsavesyou
Colorist: @stivanwidick
Silver Glitz Angel: @tjtarajo
Gold Glitz Angel: @okkathleen Bronze Glitz Angel: @matteblacksoul Lavender Glitz Angel: @clxglo
Pink Glitz Angel: @lisaspliffson
Teal Glitz Angel: @afrogringa
Blue Glitz Angel: @kerime_ko
Assistant Editors: @thewebhasnoweaver + @stivanwidick Makeup Artist:@makeupbyslater
Assistant Camera: @leo_the_panamaniac
Gaffer: @davidanthony1614
Best Boy: Neal Seidman
Storyboard Artist: @elizafax
Production Assistants: @000f0rever + @gatoradecrystal + @tylererory Preproduction: @silk.warm + @kendallkleinberg + @fiberhousecollective Sound Mixer:
Props: @jentlethumb
Photographer: @tylererory
Special Thanks: @secretprojectrobot & @diginn Cameras: @reference_frame

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