Sport, four reasons why practicing nude is far better than clothed


Before jumping
into the topic, I know what you’re thinking: some sports can’t be practiced in
the nude! I can’t play American football naked, I can’t ice skate naked or I can’t
jog naked around my block. True! Some sports require clothing for protection
purpose or just for modesty as being naked in the streets may not be legal. But
I challenge you to rethink the way you’re practicing your favourite sport and
see if you can try, at least try it, naked!

That said, many sports can be practiced naked: running, golfing, swimming, hiking, tennis… Of course, for most, you will need to practise them in a naturist environment. Most naturist resorts have tennis courts, some golf courses, a pool, running and hiking tracks. So, this is a no-brainer. However, some sports can be practiced naked at home, like a workout, or in a natural setting, like running or hiking in forests or the mountains. You can even, and it’s much better, to plan your sports practice with friends and family so you go, for instance, running and hiking naked as a group.

So here are
four reasons to make you think about moving your sport to naked sport:

  1. Sweat evaporates
  2. Movements are free
  3. Muscles are visible
  4. Cut costs on sports clothing

Are you ready?
Do I have your attention? Are you curious? Great! Let’s continue together.


After some
minutes of moving your muscles, you will break a sweat. Now, let’s see what
happens if you’re wearing your sports gear. Sweat is mostly composed of water.
And with water, your clothes become wet. Of course, you may have chosen “breathing
fabric,” hence the water evaporates from your clothes faster than from cotton or
other natural fabric.

Now, if you’re used to wearing those sports clothes, how do you feel when you take out your wet clothes? Good, no? Good because mostly, your skin gets rid of this wet piece of garments. So, why wearing this wet shirt and short when practicing? Why not get rid of them totally to let our skin breath and our sweat evaporate?

If you’re
on the fence to get completely naked for your next workout or jog, just get rid
of your shirt. Ladies, you can just keep a sports bra for support and modesty,
at least at the beginning. What is going to happen when you let your skin sweat
without clothes? First you sweat will partially evaporate. Second, it will flow
freely on your skin, and finally, it will drip on the floor. So if you work out
at home for example, put a towel on the floor and keep a towel handy to wipe
extra sweat from your body.

If you’re
running or hiking, let the sweat flows and evaporates naturally. After a couple
of tries, you won’t think any more about sweating, but you will feel much more comfortable,
because you don’t have to wear a wet shirt. And this feeling will make wearing
a shirt uncomfortable and you’ll be able to drop the short and the underwear

Are Free

When you’re
running a marathon, you put tape on your nipples because the fabric can hurt
them and make them bleed! Yes, really! Take a shirt off, and no more bleeding!
Same chafing happens on your armpit or between your legs. Your skin rubbing on
the fabric of your shirt and shorts gets irritated, gets itchy and sometimes start
bleeding. Add to this that some fabric uses heavy chemicals and you have the
perfect storm for skin rash. The best solution? Well, you probably guessed it:
get rid of those clothes.

When you’re naked, no clothing piece comes rubbing against your skin. Actually, your sweat acts as a natural lubricant to avoid chafing. Beyond skin problems, when you’re naked, no clothes impair your movements. You move totally freely.

There is
only one reason to wear clothes: getting protected. Protected from the sun when
you’re sunburned, protected from a dangerous element to avoid being hurt, or
protected from the eyes of people who are seeing nudity as immoral. Being clothes
free when you don’t need protection provides freedom of movement, freedom of
the body and freedom of the mind.

Are Visible

If you’re
into working out, you do work out to be in good health as well as to grow or
maintain your muscles. When you’re working out naked, in front or not of a mirror,
you see those abs working, those thighs contracting and those pecs growing!
When they’re obscured by a shirt and a pair of shorts, you’ll need to wait
until you’re in the locker room to have a glimpse.

Well, no need waiting, just drop the shirt and the short and work out in your birthday suit! Another great advantage of seeing your body is the ability to see if the movement you’re doing is correct. You have a great view of your lower back for instance in order to check it’s flat and not too arched. The same happens to check that your legs are straight. By practicing your preferred sport naked, you can see if you’re doing all your movements correctly.

If you don’t
have a mirror, use your smartphone front camera. Record you and review the movements,
no clothes will come between your eyes and your body.

Costs on Sports Clothing

I kept this
one for the end. Have you realized how costly those sports gears are? If you’re
practicing three or four times a week, you will need three or four sets of
those. Not counting that you’ll need to do the washing. Of course, by being
naked, you’ll need towels. But let’s be honest, whether you’re naked or not,
you’ll use towels, so better have some ready.

But sports clothes, really? Think about what you could do if you don’t spend those hundreds of dollars, pounds or euros on those expensive sports clothes! Drive to a remote place for a naked hike, fly to a remote nudist resort for a full week of naked camping, or just put the money on your savings account for your next naturist holidays!

If you run or hike naked in nature, you’ll need a sarong or shorts to use as cover-up, but beyond this, nothing more but a good pair of shoes and a hat. The only thing I don’t compromise on for naked activities is shoes. I’m a big fan of Vibram Five Fingers for hiking and high-end semi-pro running shoes. Those shoes support you, protect your feet and also your ankles, knees and hips. But beyond shoes, I just have a couple of shorts and I use standard cotton t-shirts to move around to the place I will practice my favourite sports.

So here are the four reasons why practicing sport is much better in the nude. It’s all about comfort, health, openness and cost reduction. You can add it will increase your vitamin D intake and the virtuous circle is closed! Are you practicing your sport naked? Share your experience in the comment box below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photos by Nithya Ramanujam, Raj Eiamworakul, Goh Rhy Yan  on Unsplash, Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

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