Upside down air Jordan – asana
Sprouting alien starseed here.
We come in peace to bring peace.
Loving all beings as the same Self. The time is now. We are actively participating in evolution again. _
Big shifts are happening. Sharing so others aren’t caught off guard. The astral realm reflects our work. _
Uranus is moving into Taurus, which will flip our world upside down. _
Uranus is a high vibratory planet. The high vibratory chakras are namely heart, throat, brow and crown.
Subtle energies are also effected by gravity. _
Taurus is fixed in earth element. We have become comfortable making our lower half the foundation. _
This transit is asking us to make our upper half our foundation so that we can reactivate the uppermost chakras.
The hourglass is flipping.

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