The four seasons of naturism: winter


Guest post by barerunner. Pictures barerunner and peachypeaks.

Fall is gone, Winter is here, our naturist life isn’t over. Naturism in winter! Really? Yes, you can! You can do it!

Being human is first to remember
that the human remains an adaptable animal to the wilderness. In winter, it
seems tough, but our body is designed for that! Feeling the cold on your skin
is quite bearable. The body adjusts to the cold. Shivering is a normal reaction
to cold that actually helps burning calories.

But why being naked in winter?
It might seem paradoxical to get unclothed in winter. Let me give you three
reasons for us, naturists:

  • To appreciate and feel the perfection of our body.
  • To continue promoting naturism.
  • Because we are naturists who simply enjoy being naked.

So how do we live a naturist winter and survive this cold season?

At home

Winter naturism can just remain
in the cocoon of our own home. Enjoying the comfort \while pursuing this
pleasure of well-being. That’s great to not totally stop this naturist
lifestyle. Rather than setting the heater at 80°F, a bathrobe, blanket or plaid
can help manage the fresh air. We quickly realize that the cold doesn’t come
from the modest part of our body, but more from the ends that are not always protected.

Try! Say naked after the
shower, then stay naked longer and longer. Enjoy a breakfast, naked, starting
from the rest days and lengthening on the weekdays, before going to work. What
a good feeling! Find a moment to relax by undressing after a hard day’s work or

Indoor Activities

In winter, naturists can also
share indoor activities, naturist pool, yoga, club events such as bowling,
restaurants… These activities allow to keep the social link between
practitioners and to continue the openness of naturist freedom. It is important
to contribute in a naturism socialization mindset. The more successful these
activities are, the more naturism will be socially accepted.

Some saunas and spas can
accept naturists. A great way to spend a full nude relaxing time!

Outdoor Activities

Yes, the transition to naked
outdoor activity is possible in the winter and that’s where naturism makes
sense. In winter, keep going naked! Walking, running, hiking (see the
article on naked hike
), skiing naked, why not? Winter, however, dictates
some special rules.

Naked outside in winter, the
feeling of cold comes from the body ends, humidity and movement of the air on
your body (the wind for example). Without considering the general winter rules
that apply to any form of winter outings, especially in the mountains
(including avalanche risk), here are some special rules for winter naturist

Unclothe yourself, but not
everything: protect your extremities (hands, feet, head). For men, don’t worry,
you’re not going to get cold from your genitals! Hands and feet need to be protected.
They may be in direct contact with the snow (humidity and cold, that’s the
double fine!).

Some practical advice on getting naked: avoid taking off your clothes immediately when leaving your car. The risk of cold shock is genuine in winter! Ideally, plan the lightest possible outfit in the car and gradually decrease the heating of the car. Another option is to stay dressed on the first few hundred meters of the hike and to undress step by step.

An important rule: as soon as
you get outside: move! It’s time to understand the body boiler mechanism. As
soon as the body moves, the blood will flow. The body will warm up. Shake hands
down if they begin to freeze. Avoid breaks. Naked, sweating will naturally
evaporate outward rather than being restrained by clothing. And then, the
winter nudity begins to make sense. In winter, clothes can also be a reason for
getting cold…

Equipment for Outdoor Naturist

All the rules that apply to
hiking apply to naked hiking as well! You need to pay special attention to what
you pack from a survival equipment standpoint, according to the type of ride.
The experience of hiking is important.

To cover/uncover, the most
suitable clothes are Gore-Tex windshields (or equivalent). For the bottom, the
side zipped over pants are easy to remove/put without removing the shoes. Put
them in the backpack once off your body!

Remember to drink a lot, it is
a frequent mistake to winter activities (which is not exclusively related to
naturism). Pack a hot drink such as tea or coffee in a thermos. Avoid alcoholic
beverages that artificially seem to warm you up, but actually numb the
sensations, at the risk of inhibiting your body’s reaction to the cold.
Naturists respect their bodies.

Watch the weather! The weather forecast sites often give information of perceived cold… You will see that you will tolerate better and better the cold… Temperature is a scientific information. Try to forget the posted data point, but, of course, pack equipment to cover yourself in case of colder temperature than expected…

Be careful, the clothes also
serve to protect the skin, it is almost their greatest use. Naturists must
exercise greater caution. In skiing, a fall on hard snow can burn the skin, a
risk of injury to avoid. The trip must be adapted and do not take unnecessary
risks. Protect yourself! Being a naturist and stripping in nature is not being
unconscious and putting yourself in danger! In skiing, do not also forget that
speed will contribute to cooling. But skiing naked is doable and will provide
amazing and cheerful sensations.

Of course, as with any
activity, progression is a golden rule. Start slowly, prefer sunny days to get
started, limit your exposure time to cold. You will find that your body will
become more and more accustomed to freshness and cold, and you will end up
being as comfortable in winter as in summer. When the weather is good, it is
not uncommon for me to go out on a 3-hour winter hike.

Naturism in winter is
possible! Your turn!

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