The Confusing World of Nudity and Friendship


Pushing the boundaries

This morning I read two blog posts by Dan Carson, a meandering naturist as he calls himself. I want to add my two cents with regards to one of the posts, Nudity and Friendship: Does it Matter? For me, the topic struck a nerve. To begin with, I have friends, naturist friends. The problem is that they are mostly friends here online, cyberspace friends. Just like in the face-to-face world, these friendships seem to range from close friends to pleasant acquaintances. A few of them have been met in the face-to-face world. One of these fine people whom I’ve met after developing an online friendship is Will Forest, also known as the Nude Scribe. We both happened to be in the same area of Mexico at the same time. Will had been editing my Naked Poetry books at the time. I treasured our visit together which included our wives. The only thing that seemed a bit strange after so many communications between us was the fact that we both kept our clothing on, as did our wives. To find a place where we could be au naturel would have been daunting with the only real option being a day pass to a nude resort two kilometres down the beach.

Did it matter that our visit didn’t include a naturist aspect? Yes and no. First, it is important to note that the visit cemented what we both already knew – we were real friends. It would have been a better visit in my eyes if we had been able to drink our cervezas while nude on the beach.

We have made some naturist friends in the face-to-face world. Those friends are associated with two different naturist clubs – Green Haven and Prairie Sun. We have had very enjoyable moments with these friends. One couple had even come to our home to visit, and we had returned the visit to their place. I had never seen them with clothing on until at our home where the clothing didn’t come off. We live in a small town and frequently have neighbours who decide to drop in when we have visitors arrive. We also keep all of our draperies open during the day. Without stating anything, one way or the other, I had my clothes on when they arrived. Typically I don’t wear clothing, a fact that my neighbours are well aware of. And, they were obviously a bit tense as they had also never seen us with clothes on. It stayed that way for the duration of the visit.

When we are at their home, we are all naked. They live on an isolated acreage about fifteen miles from the city. Even with that, they have a privacy fence around the yard that would be visible to anyone who would drive up to the house. When our host would hear an expected guest drive into the parking area, he would slip on a housecoat to go and meet them. There seemed to be a dividing line, even in that remote location as to where one could be nude, and where clothing was unspokenly required.

I am left confused by it all.

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