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This is a long, introspective post on blog statistics, their meaning and what I should do with them. If you aren’t into site stats, don’t bother.

I don’t blog for stats. I blog for myself. That’s the end of my story. Any kind of response, be it views or likes, is just icing on the cake. (OTOH, icing does taste good!)  Irina recently pointed out some of her stranger stats, so I got inspired.

Far and away my most viewed video is in my Throop Peak from Dawson Saddle (NSFW) post. It got 41 views last year despite being posted in September. Number 2 is the ending theme to Kara no Kyoukai. Just music and lyrics with 6 views.

A note here. When I put NSFW on a post, it doesn’t mean anything pornographic. You might see some dangly bits or ladies’ nipples. I am a nudie, after all. They have no negative emotional impact and are completely innocent – to me. I’d  have no problem with my own children seeing them if they were still 5 years old. Other people could be different and that is what the NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) label is for. Wouldn’t be suitable for Facebook either. (NS4FB might be a more accurate label but not as generally recognized.)

If you were a cosplayer, I would expect to see pictures of you cosplaying in cosplaying posts, as well as other people cosplaying. It is no different.

Third place is a 4-way tie with 4 views each. One is another clip from Kara no Kyoukai where Kokuto speculates that he’d love Shiki as much if she were a boy. (His sister does not react well to this.) The next is the ANNA inspi’ NANA(BLACK STONES)/Rose music video. I have no way of knowing if they are viewing the one in my A Tale of Two Nanas post or the one at the bottom of my home page.  Another is the opening to The Darkness that is Noir in the epinonymous blog post. The last one is a short clip from “Nana’s Room”, the little omake segment at the end of most Nana episodes.

Looking at search terms, the overwhelming winner is Bare to Breakers 2018 (NSFW) or some variant thereof. That is 8 of the top ten results. The next ten most common all seem to be hiking nude, freehiking, walking nude and things like that. There are scattered searches relating to the World Naked Bike Ride. I have to go down to 20th place before an anime search shows up.

I like to put a lot of links to outside sources. They greatly expand on what I’m discussing without my needing to write a textbook on a subject. Looking at links, the most commonly clicked link is to the SF Gate’s coverage of the Bay to Breakers in one of those posts. Next most common is Facebook and the entries for various body positive events like the World Naked Bike Ride, Bay to Breakers, and nude theater. Third place goes to Wikipedia sites relating to places I’ve hiked. Then there are clicks to Instagram and Twitter but no real information on the subject matter.

Individual sites that were clicked on the most were,,, and links to various WordPress blogs.

My big referral source is Google with about 4K and with every other search engine being noise. Next down the list with about a third the number is the WordPress Reader. Then Facebook comes in with a third of that. The Naked Wanderings blog has about 2/3 of Facebook. Everything below that is too small to break out.

I had 832 likes and 210 comments in 2018. Breaking the likes out by posts is interesting. I had to do it manually.

Life and Death in the Wild is the big winner with 15 likes.


Fishbowl – Cedar Creek Loop freehike came in with 14.

Too many interesting things all at once to post!Wabi-sabi – Celebration of Imperfection, A Rainy Day, and I am Fortunate all came in with 13 likes.

Hotaru and the Ephemeral Nature of Happiness — I drink and watch anime is an anime review I reblogged from Irina. It fills out the honor roll of posts with 13 or more likes.

Not dissing any of the posts with fewer likes but they become too many to mention. Three of the top seven posts were outdoors oriented. The top like-getter referenced an article in Outside magazine and discussed it. Number 2 concerned an all day freehike deep in a wilderness area with lots of photos.  Of the “13-like” posts, one is about finding my bio-family, one discussed an article about the relationship between imperfection and beauty, one was a hike that turned into a mess, and one talked about the how problems of growing old didn’t stop me from feeling fortunate.

None of my posts generated a lot of discussion. The best one for comments was Thinking about likes and follows with 12 likes (pretty good) and 13 comments. It was a kind of meta post about the nature of blogging, what I’d like to have happened and what actually does. It is the kind of conversation I’d love to have more often.

Views are a different measure of a post’s popularity. I went thru my 2018 posts and identified those with the most views.

My number one is my home page with 2620. Number two is Bare to Breakers 2017  (NSFW) with 1651 views in 2018. Number three is Get Naked Go Hiking with 1407.  This is a very old post from 2016 but still pulls a lot of views even today. The next three are a pair of  Bare to Breakers 2018 (NSFW) posts and a hiking post, A Naturist’s Adventure: Splinter’s Cabin to Deep Creek Hot Springs.

Comparing views with likes would indicate that most of my overall traffic is from search engines and referrals. All of my likes would have come from fellow bloggers. I believe you have to have a WP account to successfully like something. Most sites won’t let me like them outside of WP Reader.

Well, the whole point of this long dissertation is a redesign of my website. I am considering pulling many posts, particularly those lacking in views, likes or comments. I’ll be able to pull the pictures and videos along with them and create space. I am not going to pull anything with huge numbers of views, likes, clicked links, or watched videos.

The remaining posts would be a small enough collection to optimize for search engines.

All my posts will still be available locally to me. This is important to me. The primary purpose of my blog is to exercise my brain. A secondary purpose is to create a snapshot of my brain at a given time. To those ends, it is a diary of sorts. I don’t see any point in sharing things if others aren’t interested. At best you use up valuable space and at worst you alienate people with blog posts that may not be well thought out.

The topic of my blog isn’t anime or hiking or philosophy or nudieness. The topic is really me and my many loves. What a narcisisitc thing to say! I am just vain enough to think that someone might find my thoughts useful or at least entertaining.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

That’s me, speaking my truth.  I am occasionally dull and ignorant as well. I win both ways.

I’ve thought about doing 2 versions of posts that were potentially offensive to someone. But producing a bowdlerized version rankles. It feels like a lie. It feels like I have surrendered to a heckler’s veto. It feels two-faced. It feels like cowardice. I’ve deliberately edited out the dangly bits a few times and I wrestle with my conscience over whether I did the right thing.

Imagine that. A guilty conscience over not showing everything. I must be on my way to dementia.

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  1. It would be interesting to try to compile a complete listing of nudie personal blogs. Maybe form a mutual reading group or create some kind of award.


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