Nude Hike Jedi Canyon (NFSW)


There are several nudie groups in southern California, I just got back from a nude hike to Jedi Canyon in Hulda Crooks Park, Loma Linda, CA with one of them, the Inland Empire Naturists. Someday there will be one for northern LA County that I won’t have to drive a hundred miles to get to.

Ya know, it was really too cold to be out there nude all the time. I think it was in the high 40s when we started. I settled for some brief nudity at the turn around point just for the camera. As usual, I don’t include recognizable photos of any anyone’s face but mine. Backsides are a different matter…


Click to view slideshow.

It was strange to be nude so close to civilization without being in an officially approved event – and to have to cover up periodically as we encountered the textile impaired. Seriously, there was no cover and there was visibility for a great distance. Nobody seemed to mind that there were naked people hiking the hills.

It was 5 guys and a woman. I think having the woman along counts for something, especially when we encountered other people. It somehow makes the whole thing less threatening to the people we meet. The more I think about the thought processes of the textile impaired, the stranger they seem.

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