Still not feeling a lot for Index 3 – but it is improving


After a period where I didn’t want to have anything more with Index 3, I finally broke down and started watching it again. You know, the show is named after a major character but she really isn’t very important.

Soilers… I mean spoilers!
Inevitable public bath scene.

Ep. 13 is out. The Roman Church is on the move. The ultimate goal is to unify the world under its control. First, they ally with the Russian Church. Next, they look to take out the Puritan Church of England and ultimately Academy City (run by Alistair Crowly in a jar of bubbles).


To do that they need to capture “Imagine Breaker” and the Index. Together, with the correct hocus pocus, the two skillsets can be used to conquer the world.

At least there weren’t battling literal armies with thousands of deaths and numerous buildings destroyed for no apparent purpose and not in any way involving any important characters. And then we see buildings destroyed. But at least no armies.

Well, the next Catholic scheme is to send a dude named Acqua of the Back to Academy city to take Touma’s right hand. 2019-01-10_22-22-20

What a choice!

Academy City sends out a few ‘droids to play with him but soon gets bored. The “right hand” in question isn’t willing to be let go so easily. With help from the Amakusa Church, Acqua is defeated. Railgun wants to help but ends up just wishing Touma good luck as the boy she obviously loves goes off to fight his greatest battle. Just seemed like something he had to do himself.

Yeah, I know you are incredibly powerful but…

It was a great battle and extended over a long time. The best part of season 3 so far. The art was good and the action was good. Kanzaki Kaori, the saint of the Amakusa, and her crew fought bravely. Touma shows up in the nick of time.  But – if someone I loved were going off to a death match against a powerful opponent, nothing could stop me from helping. Touma couldn’t have stopped Misaka from simply walking alongside of him. She can kick the shit out of him without using her powers.

Index heals Touma in the hospital before his last stand against Acqua. That’s it for her.

Back in Rome, Fiamma of the Right gets PO’d at the Pope for being a stick in the mud. Almost blows His Holiness away and seriously damages some Pontifical property. Dude is seriously crazy.

Now we are off to England and end up getting involved with fighting a coup d’etat

Suddenly Acqua is a good guy?

against the Queen by her middle daughter. At least Index is along for the ride this time, along with the Amakusa. Acqua shows up fighting for the Queen’s younger daughter who the middle princess wants to kill. Along the way, he ends up meeting Touma who has the same objective and saves both him and Index.

Curious. After having been narrowly defeated earlier by virtually the entire Amakusa Church and Imagine Breaker combined, he doesn’t just grab Touma and Index when they are alone with him and schlep them off to Rome. He must love that young princess more than the Pope.

After a call to Railgun back at Academy City (who is worrying about her breast size) for advice on how to open an electronic roll-up door, they are back to fighting magical monsters and neutralizing the magical sword held by the middle princess. Excaliber does not make a surprise showing.

Misaka’s lament

Trust me, honey. You could be as flat as a 12-year-old boy and they would be just as desirable to a decent man. The fact that they are erogenous zones that belong to you makes breasts of any size erotic.

They will provide just as much pleasure to you as a 40D cup. You would also be just as able to nurse the baby you might have with him. The guy who thinks even once about that sort of thing isn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell. Is being eye-candy for gawkers that important to you?  I am getting damned tired of that trope.


When do we get anime guys obsessed about their penis size? I mean fair is fair, right?

Starting with episode 7 it starts being a fun anime again. Action and art are good, the plot and characterizations are adequate, but there isn’t a lot of good funny. I don’t count nuns worrying about who is best suited to wear an “angelic maid” costume with their boobs hanging out to be humorous. Even having Index’s clothes blown off by Imagine Breaker would be funnier.

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