“It happened so quickly.  I’d just quit my job at an after…

From: http://www.humansofnewyork.com/post/181653200896

“It happened so quickly.  I’d just quit my job at an after school program. I’d been unemployed for three days.  I was waiting for my train at the 125th Street Station, and I noticed so much animosity.  It didn’t feel like a sharing and caring kind of place.  So I said to myself: ‘I’m going to help change the pace.’  I went to visit my high school chorus teacher, Mr. Williams, and I told him: ‘I want to sing on 125th Street.’  He thought it was great idea.  He said that he’d done the same thing when he was my age.  Together we found a cheap amp and microphone, and I gave it a try.  My first day was a Tuesday.  I stood on the downtown platform.  I’d never sung in public before.  I was so nervous that I couldn’t find my voice.  I wasn’t exactly mute, but I wasn’t fully singing either.  Then an old lady came up to me.  I’m pretty sure she was an angel.  She told me: ‘Sing Whitney Houston.’  Then she stood there, and kept saying: ‘Louder, louder, louder,’ until I was singing full volume.  I made $60 that day.  And I got so much positive feedback.  Now I’m singing four days a week and making enough to provide for me and my daughter.  And I get so much love.  So much love.  So, so much love.“

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