Re: Creating a Naturist Theme Video Game


It’s been a day. I’ve finished the front-facing walk cycle animation for the female sprites from yesterday. I made some changes with the elder sprite because that full arm swing motion looked too aggressive on the old lady. I’ve also tweaked the left-right sprite for the elder so hopefully, it’ll look more normal. Oh, also, did I say it’ll be 6 frames? It turns out 8 is needed. Oh, joy.

Although I did say I want to make the male models, that’ll probably have to wait until I finished off the rest of the animations. If it takes a whole day to finish a single view animation set, it’ll take at least 2 more days (left-right and back). Then, it’ll probably take a single day to make the standing male sprites and the same amount of time (3 days) to make the animation frames. I wrote up some characters for the game, and it’ll probably set in a medieval fantasy world (because it’ll be easy to edit and modify default tiles that way).

As for the mechanics, it’ll probably be an amalgamation of strategic, passive conquest for the overworld (Risk or Civ?) and dungeon crawler for combat (Mystery Dungeon), with a focus on improving a campsite (Animal Crossing). The only part I’m slightly worried about is the dungeon crawler. Everything else, I can simply stick in a plugin or rely on variables and switches. Oh well.

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